Welcome to Revocycle Mind and Body Education

A MindBody Educational Community For Fitness Professionals

Revocycle Mind and Body Education 

We are an online learning community created by Michael Hosking, Ph.D.; biology professor, cyclist, musician, mindful movement pioneer, exercise for mental health leader, and creator of Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling, the world's first and only mindfulness-based indoor cycling program.

The focus of our educational community is holistic health through mindful movement and merging fitness with spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being. It is, then, also about shifting from fitness culture away from the extrinsic and body-based messaging and moving toward holistic, mindbody wellbeing.

We're about deep inquiry, connection, and creating greater understanding- all within a framework of body neutrality and  mindfulness-based movement.

We are also here to help you find your way home, to yourself and your body. Our goal it to help fitness professionals transition toward a more holistic approach to movement for intrinsic rewards- stress reduction, body awareness, physical and mental health, being present.

Michael Hosking, Ph.D. (Indiana University, Bloomington) has taught at Indiana University and Davidson College and is the creator of Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling, a mindfulness-based indoor cycling program.
Michael has studied exercise and the brain through Harvard University with John Ratey, M.D.  (Harvard University Medical School; author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain) and teaches how exercise can promote mental health through neurogenesis and reduction of the stress response.
Michael currently serves on the Program Advisory Board of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation


Important Notes On Our Community Values

Our space is explicitly body positive, health-at-every-size fitness. This community will always be free of diet-culture (talk about bodies, weight loss, calories burned, etc).

This learning community is trauma-informed and is a safe space for those recovering from eating disorders, and fitness professionals who work with them (and we all do).  

Our community is a place of growth and expansion.  

Purchasing Courses

The Talking About Mental Health-For Fitness Professionals and The Exercise Myokines and Mental Health courses are delivered within our community here. To register for these courses see the links to purchase the 'plans' below. Any required readings are available within the course once you are registered and the live lecture will be through a link posted within the course. 

Talking About Mental Health is approved by both ACE and NASM for .2 continuing education credits.

Once you register, you'll have immediate access to the community and any course readings. During this time you can read the assigned material, introduce yourself to the other students, engage in discussion and sharing. We'll provide daily posts for you to engage with- questions, polls, related articles- and you'll be able to ask questions and posts your own thoughts.

After the live lecture, you'll have access to the community for 2 more weeks during which you can continue your learning and sharing, take the quiz, and cement your knowledge.

There is a free app for you to download to your phone so you can engage with the community easily, at any time. See the link below.

I'm looking forward to learning with you. Once you register introduce yourself in the community!